Thanks to everyone for taking a look.  I am still making , quality knives that some people can enjoy.  Knives are sold everywhere pretty much, but can you, yourself, own a knife  with character and quality.  I would say that is up to each individual but everything comes to truth or false when it's time to use it for it's intented purpose.  I hope to make a knife that cuts what you need when you need it.  A knife that cool, tough, rugged, and nice looking.  Also if protection is needed, it's there with you.  I have found that usually, ( not always for you hardliners: he said!) but usually the mere presence of something with you that can help pull you out of a jam provides added confidence.   I will by God's strength work to do my best so you can receive the best.  It's hard work but I enjoy it, just like many of you enjoy what you do whether you make $15.00 and hour or a $1,000,000.00 a year.  Well, again thanks again, as I am making more knives so I will continue to add them to this site.  Stay cool, stay strong,  protect your family and protect yourself.   Keep your weapon and mind about you, life is tough.

         God bless, thanks and peace!




- PSALMS 107:1


All knives are made of 1/4 inch steel.  I only use top quality steels, wood and hardware  on all products.   I  mainly use A2, D2 and 5160 steel.   Various woods are used for  handles.  All heat treating of blades is done in the shop.  



Knifes for sale

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