My goal is to produce durable, razor sharp, quality knives with a different direction emphasizing the basics rather than the latest technology.  I heat treat all of my knives in my shop.


1071 KNIVEZ   began in 2004 specializing in hunting and miitary type knives.  I began to gain respect for the knife at early age watching my grandfather and uncles hunting and fishing.  To me the knife is just as important as the rifle in that a rifle is used for hunting game but the knife or cutting tool  is needed to set up camp, clear brush, cut wood to start a fire and to prepare your food.   Life is already hard, and without self defense tools, and weapons, the evil and those  who associate with evil will be a problem.  So, show mercy and compassion to all, as none of us knows what our end will be before we leave.  So, just treat others how you would treat yourself, i think some really wise dude said that.   Be prepared, stay ready, protect your family, and stay at peace with all mankind if you can help it.



Best Regards,