I know I have been saying for a while I will make it to a gun and knife show but I have been so busy making knives and shipping them out, that I have not had time to save a few to make it to a show but I will.  Right now I can't say but I will put it out there before I do.  God bless, stay happy having as great a day as possible.  


Up coming knives


Plan on making many new knives with different woods, and some more models that I have not made in a while.


The blessing


The blessing is the knives have gotten better in terms of cutting and looking better as well.  I am constantly working hard to improve and make sure customers are really satisfied.  Knives are tested more just for our own understanding and happiness.  Just one more thing to be sure about.




Listening to customers and non-customers to take constructive criticism.  I have learned not everything I like is liked by others, so I try to use different woods and colors too reach out to many.   Sometimes its tough to listen and understand the good and bad as it seems to take getting out of your own way.   So, I work hard and continue on.


Each Month

Dedication to beter and better knives.  Creative ideas pushed out into steel and wood.  Believing in the product that is made well, not rushed out, specificly for real work. 


6 weeks usually

Depending on the amount of knives and needs of and order your particular order make take  a bit but you are guaranteed to receive.   Things my actually be on hand when contacted but if not please give us this time to do things right.

Peace brothers and sisters,