A Better Day, Hopefully.

Peace and goodwill unto all men and women. I pray God Himself blesses your day with hope and laughter inspite of the devil's tricks. Knives seem to be flowing better so I hope your work, life, personal situations are flowing better for you. I am trying to be more active on social media in terms of updating my website but that's about it for me. Everyone appears to be working in a strange place where we are working to hold onto some of the old ways of working versus the new ways that are elimenating such things. You can't fear it, adjust and move on. Change sometimes is really no good at all but its a change. So, we pray to get better in the midst of it, learn from it and maybe fix the change, or come up with something much better. I hope your not reading this for the answer because I don't have it, only God can supply that. I pray He gives you wisdom to get through each and everyday. Well, that's all I got for now. Help someone today, love your family regardless of how you feel, and do your best.

Peace brothers and sisters,


071 Knivez


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